10 Flattr users who deserve more support

[Dieser Beitrag wurde ausnahmsweise in Englisch verfasst, weil ich davon ausgehe, dass der Inhalt auch für Nicht-Deutschsprachige von Interesse sein wird.]

When I read about the #flattrfriday initiative on Twitter recently, I decided to use my blog to present a few of my favourite Flattr users. Each of the users mentioned in this blog post produces great content, but has nevertheless received fewer than 50 Flattrs.

1. Subhash Austrian photoblogger. There are many beautiful photographs on his website, but what I find especially impressive are the photographic panoramas he is able to create, such as this one. His blog is at http://www.subhash.at/fotoblog/ (some content also available in English).

2. VK7HSE Australian blogger, writing mostly about technology, politics and local events. He is also the only other Flattr user I know of from my home state of Tasmania. His blog is at http://vk7hse.hobby-site.org/

3. scarabaea Youtuber and blogger I discovered recently, who makes interesting videos about computer games, programming and various other topics. You’ll need to be able to understand German. Her website is here: http://www.bleeptrack.de/

4. ElcioBuch German YouTuber who, incredibly, manages to upload about an hour of new video material almost every single day. His flagship project is the Elcio Buch-Projekt, where a community of writers, artists, musicians and others collaborate to produce a series of books set in the fantasy world of Divoisia. He also produces let’s plays and audio books. You’ll need to be able to understand German. If you are learning German, you will probably find his videos easier to understand than most, due to his extremely clear diction. Website of the the Elcio Buch-Projekt: http://www.elciobuch.de/wordpress/

5. Stein_Thor One of the things I love about Flattr is that it makes it easy to discover new music online. Stein Thor is one of the first musicians I found this way. He is a composer and pianist from Iceland. His SoundCloud profile https://soundcloud.com/steinithor already contains over 150 tracks, mostly of self-written piano music, and new ones are uploaded regularly.

6. thejinxes An indie folk-pop duo from the US. You can listen to their music here: https://soundcloud.com/thejinxes

7. rekado Musician and programmer from China. You can listen to his music here: https://soundcloud.com/rekado

8. romeowecks Pianist and composer from Germany. You can listen to his music here: https://soundcloud.com/romeowecks

9. laurent.guine Pianist and composer from France. You can listen to his music here: https://soundcloud.com/laug

10. leopold.guy Pianist and composer from France. You can listen to his music here: https://soundcloud.com/leopoldguy


Über Tim

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8 Antworten zu 10 Flattr users who deserve more support

  1. Matt schreibt:

    How about our street based community project? http://www.streetscenes.org.uk Trying to fund our small network of public space events Flattr by Flattr!

  2. scarabaea schreibt:

    Thanks a lot for listing me and for those awesome suggestions!
    Greetings, Scarabaea

  3. Subhash schreibt:

    Thanks for mentioning my photoblog! Three more of the animated spherical panoramas you referred to can be seen here: http://kugelpanoramen.subhash.at/

  4. rhizome schreibt:

    …and any Flattrs left over 😉 go to charities: https://flattr.com/catalog/charities

    • Tim schreibt:

      That’s a good suggestion! It looks as if a lot more charitable organisations have started using Flattr since I last looked at that part of the catalog 🙂

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